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The 2013 Honda CR-V is an incredibly reliable SUV, having received an above-average four-out-of-five star reliability rating from J.D. Power. With proper care and regular maintenance, a 2013 CR-V can last for well over 300,000 miles, but keeping your Honda in tip-top shape will require you to know its engine oil capacity.

Your car’s reliability is as much a part of your behavior as a driver as it is a feat of the model’s engineering. You can help keep your 2013 Honda CR-V as reliable as possible, all while saving time and money on your automotive maintenance costs, by performing your own oil changes at home. But before you pop open the hood and get down and dirty changing your Honda’s oil, you’ll need to take a look at your owner’s manual to determine the correct oil type and capacity for your model.

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2013 Honda CR-V engine oil capacity

Let’s get right to it: just how much oil do you need for a 2013 Honda CR-V?

All 2013 CR-Vs are powered by the same 2.4-liter I-4 engine, which has an oil capacity of 4.2 quarts, or 4.0 liters. But drivers beware! It’s easy to confuse your engine’s displacement—the 2.4-liter volume that the CR-V’s four cylinders take up—with its oil capacity, which refers to how much oil is required to complete an oil change. These numbers refer to very different properties of your Honda’s engine and should not be thought of as interchangeable.


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What kind of oil does a 2013 Honda CR-V need?

It’s one thing to know how much oil it takes to complete an oil change for a 2013 Honda CR-V, but another thing entirely to know what kind of oil you should be using. Unfortunately, there’s no one-stop shop when it comes to motor oil. That said, Honda recommends the use of Honda Genuine 0W-20 motor oil in the owner’s manual for the 2013 CR-V.

But what exactly is 0W-20 motor oil—and what does it mean for your CR-V’s engine? The numbers in any given oil’s grade are a reference to its viscosity—or thickness—at different temperatures, while the “W” in the middle stands for winter. In the case of 0W-20 oil, the number 0 before the “W” suggests that the oil has a relatively low viscosity at 0°F, while the 20 that follows tells us that the oil’s viscosity is still relatively thin when the engine reaches high temperatures.

All in all, this means that this particular type of oil is designed to perform well regardless of weather conditions, while its low viscosity rating means that your CR-V’s engine will experience less wear and tear compared to other, less suitable oil types.


Ultimate FRAM oil filter guide

How often to change oil on a 2013 Honda CR-V

Now that you’re an expert on the type and amount of oil your 2013 Honda CR-V needs, you’re ready to

change your oil


Or are you? Honda recommends changing the oil in your 2013 CR-V once every 3,000 to 5,000 miles—assuming you’re using an appropriate oil type. That being said, if you drive less frequently than the average driver, you can probably get away with changing your oil closer to once every six months.

Of course, you should still keep an eye, ear, and even a nose out for any intermittent oil issues between your regularly scheduled oil changes. Checking your oil levels once a month is a great way to keep tabs on your oil level, but you should also be aware of the following signs that your oil might need to be changed ahead of schedule:

  • Dark brown or black motor oil (clean oil should be a light brown or amber color)

  • Coarse or gritty motor oil

  • Engine in making strange or unfamiliar noises

  • Smells like oil, smoke, or burning emanating from your engine

  • Changes in your vehicle’s performance


How long is a Honda CR-V?

How to change your oil and oil filter

Now that you know when you need to change your oil, you can finally get your hands dirty and begin the process. First, you’ll want to gather all of the necessary materials for an at-home oil change: a socket wrench, a drain pan, and a filter wrench, as well as a replacement oil filter and 4.2 quarts of premium 0W-20 motor oil.

Allow your CR-V’s engine to idle for a few minutes before changing your oil. This will allow the old oil to reach its normal operating temperature, and it will drain faster as a result. Once your engine is all warmed up, you can switch off the ignition, pop the hood, and get started with these steps:

  • Remove the oil fill cap

  • From below the engine, use your socket wrench to remove the oil drain bolt and washer

  • Catch the old oil using a drain pan

  • Remove the old oil filter and continue to let the oil drain

  • Install the new filter

  • Replace the oil drain bolt using a new washer a

  • Refill the engine with 4.2 quarts (4.0 liters) of new 0W-20 motor oil and replace the oil fill cap

After changing your oil, it’s a good idea to turn on your car and let your engine run for about 30 seconds before you check the oil level. This will give you a more accurate measurement and you’ll be able to top it off if necessary.

You can now use your dipstick to ensure that you’ve added enough oil to your engine. Assuming you’ve done everything correctly, your dashboard’s

oil pressure light

should shut off once you’re finished. Allow your engine to idle for a few minutes, keeping an eye out for any leaking oil.

Finally, be sure to discard your old oil appropriately by pouring it into a sealed container and delivering it to a local recycling center.

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Congrats! You’ve just finished your first at-home oil change on your 2013 Honda CR-V! Changing your own oil at home is a great way to save both time and money on your automotive maintenance costs and to ensure that your CR-V will be by your side for years to come.

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2013 Honda CR-V Engine Oil Capacity | GetJerry.com? ›

Let's get right to it: just how much oil do you need for a 2013 Honda CR-V? All 2013 CR-Vs are powered by the same 2.4-liter I-4 engine, which has an oil capacity of 4.2 quarts, or 4.0 liters.

How much oil does 2013 Honda CR-V take? ›

4.2 quarts (with filter). After refill check oil level.

What kind of oil should I put in my 2013 Honda CR-V? ›

What kind of oil does a 2013 Honda CR-V need? Your Honda CR-V needs 0W-20 motor oil—but you can use conventional or synthetic depending on your needs.

How much oil does a Honda CR-V need for an oil change? ›

3.7 quarts (with filter).

How much engine oil is needed for Honda CR-V? ›

The 2021 Honda CR-V has an oil capacity of 3.7 quarts. Here are the details on which oil it should take and how frequently the oil should be changed. The 2021 Honda CR-V has an oil capacity of 3.7 quarts with the filter or 3.4 quarts without the filter.

Can I put 5 quarts of oil in Honda CR-V? ›

The CRV manual says the amt of oil to add when it is changed along with the filter is 4.4 qts. However, I had it changed at a auto repair shop that works on hondas mostly and he told me that they always put in 5 qts of oil when doing an oil change with new oil filter.

How often should you change oil in 2013 Honda CRV? ›

How often does a 2013 Honda CR-V need an Oil Change? An oil change is one of the most basic and critical services for your vehicle. Honda advises getting your 2013 Honda CR-V oil & filter changed every 3,000-5,000 miles for conventional oil. Synthetic oil ordinarily should be changed every 7,500 - 10,000 miles.

Does Honda CR-V need full synthetic oil? ›

The only engine oil types used for Honda CR-V engines are 0w-20 oil and 0w-30 oil. It's also essential to choose an oil that is synthetic grade.

What is the oil problem in Honda CR-V? ›

According to a class action lawsuit, Honda's Earth Dreams 1.5L engines allegedly have gasoline diluting the engine oil, causing problems such as stalling and loss of power while driving.

Is CRV synthetic oil? ›

Best Engine Oil For Honda CRV

Some Honda CR-V models require conventional oil while others require synthetic oil only. Shop at AutoZone for your engine oil and other fluids to keep your Honda CR-V running perfectly.

How much oil does a Honda CRV 2.4 L engine take? ›

4.4 litres

How much oil does a 2.4 Honda CRV take? ›

4.6 quarts (with filter). After refill check oil level.

Will my Honda CRV tell me when I need an oil change? ›

The Honda Maintenance Minder is very easy to use. As the on-board computer continuously monitors your vehicle, it provides continuous information on the remaining engine oil life left - simply depress the Select/Reset knob on the information display and you will see use progression.

What happens if you put too much oil in a CR? ›

Engine wear – If oil is at an incorrect pressure, the lubrication of engine parts will not be properly optimised, causing increased wear. Engine damage – Too much lubricant in the system can cause pressure on the crankshaft to increase.

Can I use 5w30 instead of 5w20? ›

You can use 5W-30 oil instead of 5W-20 oil if your engine allows for it. The safest way to make sure that it does is to consult your owner's manual. If it doesn't, you're putting your engine at risk for engine damage and reduced performance.

How does Honda CR-V calculate oil life? ›

The oil life percentage is just another part of a maintenance minder system meant to save Honda owners time and money. With fresh engine oil, your percentage starts/resets at 100%. From there, your Honda will automatically monitor engine operating conditions to measure the lubricating ability of your motor oil.

How much oil does a 2013 V Star 650 take? ›

I opened the oil-filler cap and placed a long-necked funnel in the opening. The oil capacity of the V-Star 650 is 2.97 quarts; the bike owner had 4 quarts on hand just in case–a wise move. I poured in 2 quarts of oil, then figured I should check the oil sight glass to monitor the rising oil level.

How much oil does a Honda CR-V 1.6 take? ›

You'll need 4,90 L of engine oil for your HONDA CR-V IV (RM_) 1.6 i-DTEC 4WD. How often does my HONDA CR-V IV (RM_) 1.6 i-DTEC 4WD need its oil changed? HONDA recommends carrying out an oil change on your CR-V IV (RM_) 1.6 i-DTEC 4WD after 15,000 km or once a year.

How many miles can a Honda CR-V go between oil changes? ›

An oil change is one of the most vital and enormous services for your car. Synthetic oil commonly should be changed every 7,500 - 10,000 miles. Honda recommends getting your 2021 Honda CR-V oil & filter changed every 3,000-5,000 miles for conventional oil.

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