Double Apple Pie Recipe (2024)



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OK, I found out about the vodka and discovered something wonderful. The alcohol prevents gluten formation from the flour, keeping the crust flaky. So...

I used Laird Applejack I keep in the freezer (also 80 proof) instead of the vodka. Apple brandy IN THE CRUST. It's an unbelievable pie. Let's call it Triple Apple Pie.


Would someone please tell me why every recipe they publish now that uses a "FOOD PROCESSOR" doesn't have an alternate procedure for those of us who are our OWN food processors?


I always bake pies on the lowest rack in the oven. Temperature in the oven is always highest at the top. A pie too high in the oven will likely end up with dark top crust. Of course, you can always cover loosely with foil during baking to slow further browning.


If, like me, you couldn't find apple butter at your local grocery store (apparently it is not a thing in Australia) then this works:

Combine in a saucepan: 2 cups apple sauce, 1/3 cup maple syrup, 1/4 tsp ground cloves, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp nutmeg. Simmer on low heat for 20 or 30 minutes until thick.

Worked a treat. Pie was absolutely delicious; highly recommend.

James Orr

If the small tapioca beads bother you, grind them in a spice or coffee grinder. If you're worried about crossover contamination from the previous spice or coffee, grind up a tablespoon of rice, then discard it, to clean out the grinder.


Alcohol provides moisture but less water. It sounds weird, but true. So the vodka prevents gluten formation (from the combination of two proteins, gliadin and glutenin).

Why this matters is, in the presence of alcohol, gluten doesn't form, keeping the crust flakey rather than rubbery, or stiff.

You don't have to use vodka. As others have pointed out, applejack would work, as would any other high alcohol spirit (not wine, too low.)


In my opinion there is only one apple for apple pie, Gravenstein. I will use others, but add a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice, if I can't get Gravenstein. My favorite thing about apple pie is the sweet / tart flavor. I didn't think much of the flavor of this pie filling. I'm always trying to improve my pies, but in this case the old time religion
is better- no cloves or nutmeg in apple pie!

I also use shortening for 1/4 of fat as in the crust. Vodka is better than water.


Look for "Minute" brand tapioca in the jello/pudding section of your supermarket. Tapioca is the best ever thickener for fruit pies.

Betsy R

After 40 years of baking, I finally got enough flake in my all butter pie crust, thanks to Melissa. Secrets from her video: leave largish lumps of butter and don't process until dough forms a ball; stop and shape it by hand.

Delicious. No apple butter at hand, so I used homemade apricot preserves, which adds an apricot note.

And as to pie apples, can't beat a Northern Spy.

I worship at her baking altar; made her Bourbon Apple Cake 4 times in the 3 weeks after I got the recipe.


in other words, you didn't follow the recipe..


This was fantastic. It turned out like a pro pie. My go to recipe from now on.
- As noted, 2.5 cups is a lot more than 300 grams. I used 310 and it was a great crust (mixed all by hand).
- Like others, I put my pie on the bottom shelf. I shaved :10 off the final bake time (convection bake) with good results.
- Used a local apple butter that had rosemary in it.
- I did use the vodka and honey crisp apples.


I have always semi cooked the apples in butter and sugar in a skillet. Then toss with flour and cinnamon before I pour it into the bottom crust. Then there are no surprises - too little/too much/too liquidy, etc. Always a big hit. Have used the dough recipe for several years now and it is fabulous.


If food processor directions gets people making home made crusts vs buying store crusts...all for it.


If you don't use alcohol vinegar will do . It has the same effect on the gluten.


I use a combo of Honey Crisp and Granny Smith....sweet and tart is the result, and both cook very well....they're my 'go to' apples. I've never used her variety nor noticed them in the Midwet, but will need to give them a try, especially since it's Fall and Apple season.

Julia Wagner

Also, will add walnuts next time. And take the advice from those bakers who advise using ice-cold butter- yes, important. I chill my dough too once it's combined. I've also taken to adding little dough signatures on the top for events: Turkey, Bunny, Tree etc etc. Such a wonderful recipe

Julia Wagner

I've been making this pie for years. It is exceptional. I use mother's crust which is very similar to the one listed here. I try to buy very good spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, sugar) I think this makes a real difference. I just tried Lucerne butter( unsalted). I could not be happier: easy to make, handle, shape- even when warmer, and a rich creamy buttery taste- a lot like a shortbread crust. this is my go to butter now from now on. Butter can be tricky, this worked for me. Make it!!!


One last thing: I started sifting my flour. My dough is easy to work with now....will not buy store crusts ever again.

kaleb felts

The clove is a little overpowering, but my pinch may have been too big. Maybe I have larger fingers than the recipe author.


There was a huge pool of butter in my crust during the first bake (and dripping off the sides.. I didn’t have a pan underneath so I accidentally set off the smoke alarm, whoops!). I ended up soaking up as much of the butter as I could with paper towels, but I still think the bottom will be soggy. Any tips on what I might have done wrong?

Julia Wagner

Did you cover it with tinfoil, and use a pye weight? It may have melted bf it cooked if you didn't cover it.


my crust shrank and I could only fit halt the apples. what did I do wrong? thanks


This is quite good but I’m still looking for my favorite apple pie recipe.

cuisinart lover

I thinly sliced the apples using the food processor slicer-attachment, came out perfect!


This is the best apple pie I have ever eaten! Made it as written. Working with the crust was a bit challenging. Rolled it out maybe 10 min. after pulling from fridge. Rolling immediately, you are working with a rock. Waiting too long, it sticks to the pastry cloth. End result was outstanding and so worth the work! I've told my family it's a "special occasion pie." They devoured it at Thanksgiving, and want it again at Christmas and for an upcoming birthday, lol!


This is a delicious recipe, I followed it exactly and it was really a success. I hesitated precooking the apples but didn’t and it was fine. The only thing I wil do differently next time is when I par bêle the crust I’ll let more overhang the hedges because even though I rested the pie in the fridge it still retracted too much


Made this filling and loved it, so flavorful and it’s nice to have something without tons of butter. Used tapioca starch and it turned out great, if a little runny when warm, as all good pies should be.


The crusts were delicious and flaky. AND a disaster to work with. Shrank and broke in first bake. Not enough crust for top. Given timing I had to supplement with dufours which looked odd before baked but was in notion finished product. Not sure what my issue is…I’ve never had this much trouble w a crust.


There is absolutely no reason to blind bake the bottom crust prior to adding the filling. If you want to avoid a soggy bottom, bake your pie in a metal pie pan on a baking sheet you've let rest in your hot oven until it, too, is good and hot. Skip the foil if you want to try this trick.


Question: My instant tapioca pearls did not soften last year and yielded a pretty gritty pie. I simply added them to my apple mixture. What can I do to ensure that they dissolve this year?


This crust is the best and the vodka really works!

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Double Apple Pie Recipe (2024)
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