How to Get a Black Border on BTD6 - Basically Average (2024)

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With the evergrowing popularity of YouTube it can be easy to compare your gameplay and maps to another player. I know when I started my journey with Minecraft I was constantly comparing the way that my game looked in comparison to content creators like ASFJerome, Joey Graceffa and many others, questioning why my game didn’t look as good as theirs, whether it was because of their mods or shaders.

Admittedly, when it came to Bloons TD 6 I didn’t really watch other content creators, being that I had played many previous renditions of the game and felt confident in my skills as a player. It wasn’t until I started discovering the fact that you could mod BTD6 that I discovered that there was a lot more that I had yet to discover, one being the black border.

As a content creator, I can’t say that I really got too into the BTD6 community, never actually releasing any playthroughs of BTD6 on my commentary YouTube channel and choosing not to play it on Twitch, but I would say about 4 years into the game I was curious enough and discovered that many content creators had something I didn’t have… Black Borders.

Now what kind of guide writer or guide “video maker” would I be if I didn’t know what Black Borders mean, let alone have a few of my own. While this guide comes a bit late, as I acquired my first Black Border two years ago, I thought I would share my knowledge as a few of my community members have asked after seeing my screenshots or screen when streaming/making videos.

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The Black Border is purely a cosmetic graphic that appears when players have completed the C.H.I.M.P.S. game mode on any map.

While players should be honoured when they receive a Golden Border, as any map on the Hard difficulty is a feat, players can be especially proud after being C.H.I.M.P.S. which comes with higher cost Towers, no replays (even with Monkey Money) and doesn’t allow players to use Powers or Insta-Monkeys. I have to admit, that even though I have played BTD6 for years, I haven’t completed all of the C.H.I.M.P.S. maps because I don’t always have the patience to replay a map because of one mistake I made, but I do have a few Black Borders I am very proud of.

Players should note that they will receive a Black Border around the map only if they do not exit to the main menu during their map completions, this includes lower tier maps, though again, this is simply a cosmetic and will not impact your gameplay in any way.


An odd graphic that I noticed for some players is that they actually have a Black Border on some of their Insta-Monkeys. While at first, I thought this was a congratulation for using all types of Insta-Monkeys, I was truly mistaken as it is quite the opposite.

In order to secure a black border on an Insta-Monkey, players are simply going to need to grind as many of these resources as they can as they will need 64 unique Insta-Monkey cross paths of a single tower to unlock the Black Border.

This will take players an ample amount of time and is best unlocked when there is a collection event available. Unfortunately, this means grindingall Insta-Monkey cross paths, meaning players will need all tier-1 to 5, making it quite a challenge to unlock the Black Border for every single type of Monkey.

To me, this is a cosmetic that I am not striving for and will have at some point as I don’t see myself putting down the game again anytime soon.


So I’m curious, now that you know what a Black Border means, are you going to try to get them all? How many Black Borders do you already have and do you have any for the actual Insta-Monkeys?

Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. How to Get a Black Border on BTD6 - Basically Average (3)GlowingJester402 says

    You have to beat all modes (except Easy-Sandbox of course) to get a black border, not only beating C.H.I.M.P.S. Maybe I’M the one whose wrong here though. Good Luck beating C.H.I.M.P.S because it’s HARD incase you don’t know reader.


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How to Get a Black Border on BTD6 - Basically Average (2024)
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