The Mob Wife aesthetic is edging out Clean Girl fashion (2024)

'Mob wife aesthetic' is far from the minimal and soothing pastel and neutral palettes that dominated the fashion scene last year.

The Mob Wife aesthetic is edging out Clean Girl fashion (1)

Take a cue from celebrities on how to ace the 'mob wife aesthetic' trend.

Medha Chawla

New Delhi,UPDATED: Jan 30, 2024 18:17 IST

Get ready to say bye to 2023's 'clean girl' aesthetic, as the inspiration for the newest fashion trend on the block are the bold and glamorous mob wives.

For the uninitiated, a ‘mob wife’ is the spouse of a mobster (a person who is involved in organised crime or belongs to a gang). You can think of Carmela Soprano (played by Edie Falco) from ‘The Sopranos’ and Karen Hill from ‘Goodfellas’.

What is 'mob wife aesthetic'


All thanks to TikTok, the fashion world has a new trend to discuss – mob wife aesthetic.

“Clean girl is out. Mob wife era is in,” New York-based TikToker Kayla Trivieri announced in a video on January 8, after which the term created a major across social media platforms. Carmela Soprano is what she used to create a fashion moodbard.

The content creator gushed over her looks in fur ensembles, glitzy dresses, animal print pants, luxurious jewellery and voluminous hairstyles.

The mob wife aesthetic is far from the minimal and soothing pastel and neutral palettes that dominated the fashion scene last year. (Remember, quiet luxury? BTW, it has transformed into 'minimal fabulousness' this year.)

To channel one’s inner fashionista the mob wife way, you need to add some extravagant fur coats, an animal print number or a long black leather jacket. But there’s an important accessory you can’t do mob wife aesthetic without – the attitude.

Mob wives, as you may have seen in films and shows based on mobsters, carry a no-nonsense attitude and unshakeable confidence.

Their sartorial sense, with access to umpteen wealth, naturally gravitates towards all things ornate and swanky. Hiding it under sheets of subtlety and minimal fashion is not it for them. Rather, an unabashed display of extravagance is the deal.

The Mob Wife aesthetic is edging out Clean Girl fashion (4)

"Mob wife aesthetic is not a trend, it's an aura. A strong energy. It isn't just about style; it's a statement of boldness, maturity, and unapologetic confidence,” says Annika Saraf, founder of luxury brand Akinna Milano.


“What draws me to this aesthetic is its ability to evoke a sense of intrigue. It's not about conforming to societal norms, it's about embracing individuality and owning every aspect of oneself with pride. Moreover, there's an undeniable sensuality to it,” she adds.

Beyond the clothes

Mind you, this fashion aesthetic goes beyond picking ostentatious clothes. Makeup and accessories play equal parts. Think of bold red lips, smokey eyes, a not-so-basic manicure and statement-making jewels.

Author and social media content creator Sarah Jordan Arcuri, who calls herself the ‘Mob Wife Aesthetic CEO’ in her Instagram bio, has been dressing up like it for a long time, long before the term started making headlines.

Dramatic all-black separates rule her wardrobe, and so do animal-printed ensembles. Oversized sunglasses, dramatic hairdos reminiscent of the 80s and red manicures are among her top styling BFFs.

The Mob Wife aesthetic is edging out Clean Girl fashion (5)


The trend caught the attention of The Godfather director Francis Ford Coppola as well. “I hear the ‘mob wife aesthetic’ is making a comeback,” he wrote in an Instagram post while sharing photos of the characters Kay Corleone and Connie Corleone, played by Diane Keaton and Talia Shire respectively.

Is it for you too?

The trend emerges amid the celebrations commemorating 25 years of 'The Sopranos'. Many speculate that the sudden buzz is an extension of the show’s promotional activities. Nevertheless, if you are looking forward to transforming your style to move it from the grip of minimalism to a refined and bold approach, you should consider embracing the mob wife aesthetic.

“At the core of this alluring aesthetic lies a wardrobe orchestrating a symphony of daring patterns, sumptuous furs, and figure-hugging silhouettes. Fearlessly embracing femininity, opulent fabrics such as silk, satin, and faux fur infuse a distinct touch of glamour that resonates with undeniable confidence,” says Shivani Aggarwal, founder of the label ANI Clothing.

The 'mob wife' makeup and hair


Smokey eyes, heavy blush, bold lipshades outlined with a liner, and retro-inspired bouncy hairdos elevate the fashion aesthetic. Instagram is replete with videos of beauty enthusiasts showcasing how to ace the 'mob wife' makeup and hair.

You can add kohl for that added appeal of drama and sensuality.

For hairstyle, the volume is the cynosure. It can be open blow-dried hair or a dramatic updo.

The Mob Wife aesthetic is edging out Clean Girl fashion (6)

A mob wife's manicure is anything but basic. It can range from striking red to embellished accents on your perfectly filed nails. Metallic coats can work well, and so can an intense black coat.

The jewels and accessories

Accessories play a pivotal role in this sartorial tale. Chunky jewellery pieces in gold work the best in most cases.

“Meticulously-curated oversized sunglasses, flashy jewellery and extravagant handbags make bold statements, symbolising the wearer's steadfast refusal to be overlooked. The colour palette, favouring rich hues like deep reds, emeralds, and classic black, injects palpable drama into every ensemble,” suggests Shivani Aggarwal.

Don't forget to stack your wrist with a statement watch or some impeccable bracelets.

The Mob Wife aesthetic is edging out Clean Girl fashion (7)

How to get the mob wife aesthetic right

Here's a quick guide you can refer to:

Tailored clothing: Opt for pieces that are typically tailored, form-fitting and exude sophistication.

Fur and latex pieces for the win: Fur coats, stoles, latex jackets and pants are commonly seen in mob wife fashion, reflecting wealth and status. You can also run to a thrift store to buy such extravagant pieces on a budget.

Form-fitting silhouettes: While embracing the trend, opt for silhouettes that accentuate curves. Bodycon dresses, pencil skirts, and tailored suits can be staples.

Jewels and accessories: Chunky gold statement pieces, tennis necklaces or even pearls can be your best to ace the look. Do consider rocking oversized sunglasses, large rings and designer handbags while curating the look.

Attention to detail: Attention to detail is important in mob wife fashion. From perfectly manicured nails to flawless makeup application, every aspect of the look is what eventually leads to a well-done ‘mob wife aesthetic’ look.

The Mob Wife aesthetic is edging out Clean Girl fashion (8)

Avoid colour clash and pastels: Keep the palette to dark and deep tones such as brown, black, maroon and deep green. Avoid clashing bright colours and embracing pastels. Remember, the idea is to look rich, without trying to hide access to wealth.

While it's important to note that the term ‘mob wife’ can carry negative connotations and stereotypes, the fashion associated with it is all about luxury, glamour, and opulence.

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Medha Chawla

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Jan 30, 2024

The Mob Wife aesthetic is edging out Clean Girl fashion (2024)
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