Madelyn Cline shot to fame as Sarah Cameron in Outer Banks (2024)

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Madelyn Cline reprises her role as Sarah Cameron in season three of Netflix's hit series Outer Banks with fans curious to know more about the actress away from the cameras.

By Neela Debnath

Outer Banks: Trailer for third season

Season three of Outer Banks dropped on Netflix recently with the story picking up with John B (played by Chase Stokes) embarking on a fresh adventure to find a new treasure trove. However again there will be more danger for John B and his friends including love interest Sarah Cameron. Since first hitting screens back in 2020, Outer Banks has become a huge hit for Netflix and propelled its young cast into the spotlight including American actress Madelyn Cline.

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How much is Outer Banks star Madelyn Cline worth?

Outer Banks marks the 25-year-old model and actress’ biggest role to date.

She started off her career working in commercials in New York City for brands like Next and T-Mobile.

Madelyn then went on to land small parts in the likes of Boy Erased, Vice Principals, The CW’s The Originals and Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Following on from this, she took on role in Outer Banks which made her a huge star.

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Madelyn Cline shot to fame as Sarah Cameron in Outer Banks (4)

Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes in Outer Banks (Image: GETTY • NETFLIX)

Madelyn Cline shot to fame as Sarah Cameron in Outer Banks (5)

Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron in Outer Banks (Image: NETFLIX)


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Her modelling jobs and early roles would have helped to start establishing her net worth.

However, Outer Banks is the biggest contributor to her wealth with the actress appearing in a total of 31 episodes to date.

Netflix has already confirmed Outer Banks will be returning for season four after getting the green light from the streamer early on.

So, Madelyn is likely to build on her net worth by appearing in the next series and again build on her net worth.

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Madelyn Cline shot to fame as Sarah Cameron in Outer Banks (7)

Madelyn Cline shot to fame on Outer Banks (Image: GETTY)

Madelyn Cline shot to fame as Sarah Cameron in Outer Banks (8)

Madelyn Cline is an actress and model (Image: GETTY)

According to Gossip Gist, Madelyn is worth an estimated £66,000 ($80,000).

She is reportedly paid between an estimated £16,000 to £33,000 ($20,000 to $40,000) per episode of Outer Banks, via Pop Buzz.

These figures would suggest, Madelyn could actually be worth a lot more given the amount she would be making per season.

With Outer Banks continuing to grow in popularity, Madelyn and the other cast members could see their salaries going up in line with the show’s success.

Moreover, their salaries are likely to have already increased since season one with the popularity of Outer Banks.

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Outer Banks has also helped Madelyn to secure other work with the actress appearing in the Knives Out sequel Glass Onion in which she played Whiskey.

Glass Onion was a huge hit for Netflix, sitting in the streamer’s top 10 charts last year and would have bolstered Madelyn’s profile further for those unfamiliar with her from Outer Banks.

After appearing in Outer Banks, Madelyn also featured in the films What Breaks the Ice and Once Upon a Time in Staten Island.

The actress recently posted on Instagram, thanking fans for supporting Outer Banks and sharing a series of snaps from an event to promote the new series.

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    Along with the images, shared with her 14.1million Instagram followers, Madelyn wrote: “Words can’t even begin to describe.

    “Yesterday was so special. I’m beyond grateful to @netflix , to this cast and crew, and mostly to each and every one of y’all who have watched and loved obx and to everyone who showed up to poguelandia yesterday!!!!”

    She added: “Thank you thank you thank you a million times thank you #obx4.”

    With Outer Banks proving a hit, Madelyn is likely to see her net worth grow considerably more with further work off the back of the series.

    Outer Banks season 3 is streaming on Netflix now

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    Madelyn Cline shot to fame as Sarah Cameron in Outer Banks (2024)


    How did Madelyn Cline rise to fame? ›

    She got her start with Millie Lewis Models & Talent agency in Charleston and, at age 10, Cline participated in AMTC modeling and talent competition. She subsequently appeared on the cover of Parent and Parent & Child magazines.

    Does Sarah survive the gunshot in Outer Banks? ›

    (Yes, you read that correctly.) John B takes Sarah to a sketchy island doctor who operates on her wound while Terrence and pals take the gold to the docks. The good news? Sarah survives.

    Are JJ and Sarah siblings? ›

    They're friends, but they're not close. It would be this funny glue that neither of them would've ever expected to be the siblings they never had.”

    Will there be a season 4 of Outer Banks? ›

    Ahead of Outer Banks season 3, the cast announced the show's renewal for a fourth season during their fan event Poguelandia on Feb. 18, 2023.

    How old is JJ from Outer Banks in real life? ›

    JJ is played by 24-year-old Rudy Pankow.

    What happened to Sarah Cameron's mom? ›

    For all the teases that Rose is not Sarah and Rafe's mom, Outer Banks never has anyone in the Cameron family directly mention their biological mother. This makes it uncertain if she and Ward got a divorce when Rafe and Sarah were both still young or if she passed away around a similar point in time.

    Is Sarah in Outer Banks pregnant? ›

    Outer banks season 4 sarah gets pregnant.

    Does Sarah betray John B? ›

    Cline also explained why Sarah cheats on John B. in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in February 2023. “I was so scared about this storyline because I felt that inherently wasn't in Sarah's nature,” Cline said. “I wanted to make it feel like ultimately she was so lost and so confused.

    Are Sarah and John B together at the end of season 3? ›

    After cheating, heated fights and a return to trust, season 3 ends with Sarah and John B. coming back together, despite all they had gone through. So how do Stokes and Cline feel about their characters' emotional journey this season?

    Are Sarah and John B dating in real life? ›

    The pair were together for less than a year before they called it quits and Us confirmed the split in November 2021, after season 2 of Outer Banks was released on Netflix. Despite their breakup, neither of the Stranger Things alums let it ruin their onscreen dynamic.

    Are JJ and Kie dating? ›

    JJ and Kiara are dating and members of the close-knit friend group, The Pogues, from the beginning of the show.

    Who is JJ OBX in real life? ›

    Rudy Pankow (/ˈpɑːnkoʊ/) is an American film and television actor. He is most known for his role as JJ Maybank on the Netflix teen drama series Outer Banks. Ketchikan, Alaska, U.S.

    Where is Outer Banks filmed? ›

    The story of Outer Banks takes place in North Carolina, but it's mostly shot in Charleston, South Carolina. The reason for that? According to Wilmington Star News it was because of the anti-LGBTQIA+ laws in North Carolina.

    Who plays John B in Outer Banks season 4? ›

    In a bid to excite fans, Chase Stokes, renowned for his portrayal of John Booker Routledge in the Outer Banks, recently teased intriguing details about the highly anticipated Season 4. Stokes hinted at the upcoming season being nothing short of extraordinary, promising a rollercoaster ride for viewers.

    What happens in Obx 4? ›

    What Will Season 4 of 'Outer Banks' Focus On? The next chapter will pick up after the Pogues leave the deserted island — only to get wrapped up in an even riskier hunt for El Dorado. Cline teased the future of the show during an interview with Today in February 2023, saying, "I don't think it's going to be the last.

    What is Madelyn Cline most famous for? ›

    Cline is an actress and model known for having participated in several commercials from an early age. Currently, her most important role, and the one that helped her gain mainstream popularity, is as Sarah Cameron in Outer Banks, which is a Netflix teen series quite popular among the audience that enjoys entertainment.

    What was Madelyn Cline's first acting role? ›

    Her first role was the 2009 short Milites Christi, and she made her feature film debut two years later in 23rd Psalm: Redemption.

    When did Madelyn Cline drop out? ›

    Cline dropped out of Coastal Carolina University, which is two hours away from her hometown, during her freshman year, in 2017. “I was ready to go. I was ready to see what life had in store,” she explains. “And I was excited.”

    Did Madelyn Cline go to the Met? ›

    Cline made her Met Gala debut last year, wearing a custom dress by Stella McCartney. The 26-year-old actress is new to the limelight. She is best known for playing Sarah Cameron in the hit Netflix show "Outer Banks." The fourth season of the show is expected to be released in 2024.

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